Today marks the official closing of this deal!

By: Victoria Peregrin

Today marks the official closing of this deal!

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Today marks the official closing of this deal!! It is indeed a tedious, nerve wracking, exciting, thrilling and a happy ending experience to my repeat clients in this ever crazy of (sellers market) .

There may be moments of disbelief, anger, disappointment, fear, frustrations, dismayed as house prices are incredibly insane. And I totally commend you for stepping out of your comfort zone and trusted your gut , bite the bullet and and trusted our professional advise . Because without it, we would not have gotten far.

We have purchased this close to a million and a half , but as they say, bigger investment yield a bigger return! And it is true in these days because in less than three months , it's value has appreciated more than a double digit . Plus the income potential of the basement apartment has generated many potential tenants, which can able to help you pay the mortgage faster.

Kudos to both of you!! May your new home gives you all the blessings you deserve , good health, and many more good memories to build !!!